Heart Frame Triple Pack


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Heart Frame Triple Pack
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Ultimate versatiliy in one bundle!

Some great new features in this set, all based around the loving heart - *happy sigh...flutters eyelashes*

Anywhere Aperture

This is a a series of shapes that will 'punch' an area in your cardstock, whereever you want it to go. There are no boundaries constraining it so if you are the 'in the middle' type, then it can go in the middle but if you are the 'freestyle' type, you can offset it however you wish.

Anywhere Frame

Similar in shape to the aperture however this is something that you would cut out and place on top of your creation, much like an embellishment. It's an 'Anywhere Frame' because you can place it anywhere you like.

Pick And Mix Card Front

This one is quite clever. It's very much like paper-piecing in that you would cut this design from various pieces of different cardstock and then mix and match the various different pieces. You could go with several colours or many many colours. If you cut it three times, you will get three themed card fronts that look slightly different. Cool eh?

File Formats

I am totally aware that not everyone has an electronic cutting machine - that's totally fine :)

What I have done therefore is given you options.

For those that do have electronic cutting machines you have the choice of SVG (most machines accept this), DXF (most Silhouette machines accept this), EPS (an image format that is sometimes used by smaller brands of machine) and FCM (only for Brother Scan N Cut owners)

For those that don't I have provided JPG/PNG (can be printed from Windows PCs and can also be imported into ANY digital graphics software that you have - the JPG has a white background and the PNG has a transparent background) and PDF (ready to print but less adaptable than planned - still great for colouring in and doodling in though).

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