Terms & Conditions

All There are some basic terms and conditions of using this website.

When signing up for an account and purchasing from us you are automatically agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as set out below, our Privacy Policy and our Angel Policy. We'll still get you to confirm that you agree each time you make a purchase though, just to be sure. So that you don't have to go through multiple pages we have also copy/paste the information from all of the above policies below.

These terms, and the other compliance documentation may be updated at any time. Cached versions are probably online somewhere so we will also pop the last date a page was updated so that you can be sure that you are seeing the most up to date one.

This policy was last updated - 10:00GMT Sunday 13th September 2015.



The creation and holding of an account by you is compulsory for use of this website. If an account is deleted it, and the order history/downloads/reward points associated with it, cannout be recovered.

The creation of an account by you via this website does not grant the account holder with any additional services or facilities than those listed across this website.


All payments are processed via the PayPal website. For details of their Ts & Cs, Privacy Policy and more, please visit PayPal's Website.

No payment data is held by the hosting server's of this website.


All files will be made available for download immediately after succesful payment in the Downloads section of My Account.

Users are granted two download attempts for each file purchased.

Users are granted permission to make a single non-transferable electronic back-up copy on removable media (CD ROM or USB stick etc) after download in order to safeguard against loss of data due to a computer error.


Because of the nature of digital downloads sadly no refunds can be offered however please DO contact us if you are having an issue with your account, accessing your downloads etc and we will do our best to help.

Reward Points.

Each purchase made on this website will earn the registered/logged in account holder reward points. Points earned can be seen in the reward points section of My Account.

Digital products on this website can be purchased with points. The number of points required to purchase a product will be displayed on the product page; as will the number of points that can be earned from purchasing it. 

Points cannot be spent/earned at the same time on a product.

Points have no real financial value and cannot be 'cashed in' or exchanged for goods and services outside of this website.

Affiliate Marketing/Links.

Affilate marketing has not yet been established on this website. Links to this website therefore attract no reward (but are greatfully appreciated!)


Copyright will in ALL cases remain with the artist/designer/illustrator of the original work on which a product is based.

Privacy Policy.

See below.

Angel Policy.

See below.



Sadly, we have to collect some information for a few very valid reasons. These are:

We don't hold your payment information. This is processed by PayPal and may be stored on their servers for the following reasons.

You can see PayPal's full privacy policy here.

A couple of other things we should mention while we are talking about privacy.

We do use Cookies.

Cookies are little pieces of data that are left behind by our server on yours that help it help you if you should choose to visit us again, (which we hope you do). They're not evil (in our opinion) but we understand if you want to clear out your browsing history, and the cookies, after your visit - it's your choice.

We don't sell, share or otherwise distribute ANY of your information unless we are required to do so by law.

That's it.


We know that you will want to make items to sell with the items that you have purchased so we have two Angel Policies in place depending on whether the item that you are using is a Free Item or a Purchased Item.

Both are very simple.

Angel Policy for all Free Products



Angel Policy for all Purchased Products



If you think that you have a use that might contradict these terms, but still wish to use a design, then please do get in touch and we can discuss your project and come up with a simple solution between us.